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Nick Williams (ex Primary Headteacher and author of 3 books) has travelled the world taking photos to use in schools. Each presentation is different and covers a number of topics and targets in a variety of subjects, but all are designed to give children an interest in and awareness of their environment and the wider world.

The shows are presented using the latest equipment, with back projection onto an 8ft by 6ft screen.

Each show ends with a musical sequence and a message about looking after our world.

Shows include:

Animals, People & Places

A mini trip to all the continents. Food chains. The Falklands – penguins, war and religion. The cygnet who fell down a waterfall.

Living World

Animals in Africa. Classification of animals. Ollie the Orangutan. The Life Cycle of Birds, Farming – animals and crops. Barn Owls from eggs to fledging. Heal the World.

The World Around You

Mammals abroad and at home. Birds around you. Life cycles. Autumn winter and migration. Record breakers of the bird world. Wonderful World.

Birds of Prey

Birds of prey families. Food chains. Golden eagles growing up in Scotland. Owls including the story of Tommy the barn owl.

Water Creatures

Fish, amphibians, mammals and birds. Life cycle of Birds Stories of Cygie the Cygnet and Sage the Seagull. Jonathon Livingstone Seagull.

Are you Birdwise?

Bird families, life cycles, migration. Garden birds. The Starling Poem and The Owl that couldn’t sleep.

Planet Earth

Nocturnal creatures. Africa. Animal classification. The seasons. The little owl and eagles in N.Norway.

One Show

£ 160

Two Shows

£ 240

Three Shows

£ 320

School Testimonials

“Every year it’s different, every year it’s brilliant.  The children love it!  Thanks again”

Iain Erskine, Headteacher of Fulbridge, Peterborough 

“It must be difficult to be the ‘warm-up’ act for a celebrity, but it was unanimous that you rated absolute top marks and (dare I say it) eclipsed David Bellamy”

The Len Pick Trust, Bourne, Lincs

“Another magnificent hour spent with you. its quite simply the highlight of our year.”

Fairfield School Backwell, Bristol.

For more details or to buy photographs or book shows, Nick Williams can be contacted on or 01778 440500