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Lake Kariba, Africa

Don’t get too close to hippos, crocodiles or elephants, especially old bulls like this one.

St Lucia in the Caribbean.

Cattle Egret. A long preen. a quick scratch and then off to find some food.

The Lincolnshire Fens

Barn Owls. Six youngsters means a lot of hunting needs to be done – night and day.

One nest last year, six this year. This Bittern was feeding fairly close to it’s nest. Four youngsters fledged.

Outer Hebrides.

Golden Eagles. Me testing flash settings so we could get wide angle shots at the nest like this one. Lethal talons, especially the one at the back.

British Mammals

The largest on land is the Red Deer but you’re more likely to see Fallow Deer, whether in a large park or in the wild.


Hedgehogs aren’t doing so well and their numbers are dropping. We’re the problem, not predators like Stoats and Polecats

Grey Seals

Photographed at their breeding grounds at Donna Nook on the Lincolnshire coast.

Put out food in the winter and you may get “exotic” species like Pheasant, Jay or Great Spotted Woodpecker.

Gone fishing!

Kingfisher thinking about it…

Brown Pelican doing it…

Osprey done it!

Greater Flamingoes

Greater Flamingoes coming and going in the Camargue, S. France. They don’t get their bright pink colouring until they are two years old. Spot the juvenile.

Record breakers

Pelican – the biggest beak

Arctic Tern – the most distance covered.

Mute Swan – one of the heaviest flying birds and also has the most feathers – around 25,000!