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Large audiences have enjoyed a travelogue of stories, facts, amusing anecdotes and haunting music during Nick’s cruises for Saga, Cunard, P&O and Fred Olsen.

Record Breakers

Pelican – the biggest beak

Arctic Tern – the most distance covered.

Mute Swan – one of the heaviest flying birds and also has the most feathers – around 25,000. Somebody must have counted them!

Another record breaker in the bird world. Wandering Abatrosses involved in a “fishing rights” dispute off the coast of New Zealand.

A beautiful male purple-rumped Sunbird

Round-up time in the Camargue

Sunset looking out from North Uist in the Western Isles of Scotland.


Saga have excellent lectures, and you are definitely up there with the best!

For the first time ever we're missing God (our Sunday Service) so that we can watch your show!

It was worth paying to come on the cruise just to watch your shows

Thank you so much, you made our cruise

You've certainly got quite a following, they really love it!

from another lecturer

Your lectures have inspired me to do something similar

from another lecturer